October 2003 have been very nice to us in posting a positive link to our site
about the Blue GUI, which boosted visitors to this site immensly. So much
so, that they have now kindly hosted the Blue download zip file, as this
Lycos site is running out of bandwidth already for the month of October!
Alterations to Blue License Agreement
Blue's license agreement previously did not allow mirroring of the Blue
download file, but this has been updated, so that you may, now, mirror
the Blue zip on your site.
Blue source code may become public domain
Day-Corp are considering releasing the source code of Blue into the
public domain. If you have any questions or comments about this, please
email us at

August 2003

A multitasker which can run multiple .EXE's and .COM's, is nearing completion. It is written in BASIC, and is expected to be ready around
the end of 2003 to early 2004. For more details on this program, please email

May 2003

Blue (GUI) released as public domain.
Visit the products section to see info and download.

Spring 2003

New look website launched.
Spring 2002
Started work on new OS. Will included real multitasking of Dos programs, i.e. exe's & com's.
Expected to be released in Autumn 2004.
2nd May 2001
Site launched. All products released as public domain.

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